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Our transport company was founded in 2002. With increasing experience and new customers together with expanding our fleet of coaches we have built a reputation as a reliable, flexible and express carriers.

Our main activity is to ensure servis of international and domestic freight.

  • We specialize in express consignments "just in time" - transport with the shortest term of delivery without limitation destinations (Germany, France, Spain, Scandinavia, the Baltic republics, Benelux, Greece, Ireland, GB, etc..) We can deliver to you as a shipment from the Czech republic to Spain (Madrid) in term of 24h/ from means at much lower price than the airlines.

  • Collection Service - deliver the shipment to the end customers at the lowest price

  • Air Cargo Transport - we provide for you export & import consignments at customs airport offices worldwide.

  • Ferries - we provide you with ferries to Sweden, Norway, Finland, United Kingdom, Ireland, Greece and other European countries

  • Storage - We offer storage 1500 m 2 in the halls with a continuous security camera system.

  • Spedition services - we offer a complete customs declaration for import & export shipments to countries that are not integrated into the European Union.

  • Limousine transportation for persons - for Your important customers we have prepared new exclusive cars as BMW 530D and Skoda Superb. We do our VIP sevises with an emphasis on comfort and customer satisfaction and discreetnes. So we can meet individual requirements - passenger services to / from the airport, long distance trade routes, etc ...

For transportation we use our own car park, as well as proven contract vehicles, which are able to cover delivering throughout Europe. Of course there is the professional training of all our drivers, satellite navigation, insurance packages and people, regular service of all vehicles regularly.

Competitive advantage:

  • our prices are based on contract and we always prepare them to customer satisfaction (spreadsheets do not make our prices), we care about relationship between price and delivery term for you

  • price estimation of your demand we prepare immediate

  • our dispatchers are non-stop on the phone (to resolve any customer requirements or changes during transport)

  • we help you to choose the best alternative of transportation

  • we speak English, German and Greek


We will be happy if you try our services and professional transportation.

The aim of our company is the most efficient way to transport the shipment to the customer at an affordable price, to improve our services to the customer in order to facilitate his work and solve problems that surface transport professionaly.

Our reward is clients positive references about us, that help us to atract new customers.

We look forward to successful cooperation